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Community Training Initiative

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Table of Contents

Download the Community Training Image (CTI)

Getting Started with the CTI

  1. Download the CTI VM (~ 8 GB download).
  2. Download the setup and getting started instructions in either PDF or ODT format.

Learning LabVIEW

The LabVIEW community has a rich and vibrant ecosystem. Visit the Community Resources Page to learn more about the resources at your disposal such as

  • The LabVIEW Wiki: the community’s online wiki
  • VIPM.IO: find and download community code

Much more on the Community Hub Page so be sure to visit it.

Help Keep the CTI Available

Help ensure the CTI is always available by supporting GCentral today!

GCentral’s mission is to enable the LabVIEW community to make the best version of itself by removing barriers to collaboration. GCentral is honored to work with Steve Watts and Derrick Bommarito to deliver the CTI to you. The CTI is a manifestation of their passion and dedication to bringing LabVIEW to the world!

GCentral is honored to host the files, but needs your help. If you have benefited from the CTI and/or want to make sure it remains available for others to download please contribute to GCentral today.

Steve Watts

Steve has been writing industrial software since 1984, LabVIEW since 1996. His company SSDC Ltd has been providing systems on a fixed price basis since 2000 and has hundreds of projects on it's books. Steve is now also providing mentorship with his colleagues at DSH Workshops (Fabiola, Jörg and Brian).

Steve co-authored "A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW" with Jon Conway in 2003.

Steve created and is Chair of GDevCon Eur, the independent graphical programming conference in Europe.

Derrick Bommarito

Derrick Bommarito enjoys experimenting with all the LabVIEW features that DNatt advises against, which he hopes characterizes him as chaotic good. He particularly enjoys creating tooling for developers, exploring the more obscure aspects of LabVIEW such as Channels, XNodes, and VIMs, and generating bug reports as a result of his investigations. Derrick also finds pleasure in experimenting with architecture and API design within the LabVIEW environment. His many hobbies include breaking LabVIEW and tinkering with too many side projects; from the web, to robotics, to gardening, to baking.