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The Board of Directors

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Function of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors leads GCentral’s initiatives as representatives of the G Community. It collaborates with other community and industry groups to further GCentral’s Vision and Mission.

Current Members of the Board

Quentin "Q" Alldredge

Quentin goes by "Q" for both the Star Trek and James Bond connotations.

Q graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2006. After graduation, Q worked first at Alliance Tech Systems (ATK) at the site was responsible for building the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters in northern Utah. It was there that Q was sent to take all the LabVIEW training.

After Q left ATK, he began working at Hill Air Force Base. In 2016, Q became a CLA and his team was certified as a LabVIEW Center of Excellence. In 2018, Q was accepted as a LabVIEW Champion and at NIWeek 2019 he received the Community Contribution Award for his creation of the QControl Toolkit.

In August 2021, Q left working for the Air Force and joined Testeract, as their Chief LabVIEW Architect.

Enrique Noe Arias

Enrique Noe Arias fell in love with LabVIEW during his time as a student 23 years ago. LabVIEW allowed him to visualize his thoughts, leading him to become known as 'The LabVIEW Teacher'. He spent 13 years utilizing LabVIEW for various purposes at a research institute, including scientific setups and industrial projects, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Eventually, he transitioned to working as a software contractor for Delacor.

Currently, Enrique is the proprietor of PantherLAB, a software development and consultancy business based in México. Every day, he finds joy in solving problems with LabVIEW, continuing to pursue his passion for the platform.

Christian Butcher

Christian Butcher works as a research technician at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. He is focused on integrating and automating hardware and software systems to provide a smooth workflow for various fluid mechanics experiments.

Christian is a LabVIEW Champion and one of the GLA Summit Organizers, and has presented at several NI Week conferences and GDevCon events, most recently regarding CI/CD with Docker for LabVIEW PPLs.

Chris Cilino
President, Treasurer

I have a passion for technology, teamwork, and mentorship. In my 20+ year career, I've employed all three in the context of using LabVIEW in creating applications and engaging with the LabVIEW community. I started my career at National Instruments in Applications Engineering, then Software Development in DAQ R&D (where I got my CLA in 2014), and then finally in LabVIEW marketing where I owned programs such as the LabVIEW Champions. I spent the next three years at Cirrus Logic as the LabVIEW Framework architect. I was responsible for reducing the time and cost of validation by creating software that kept pace with Cirrus' rapidly evolving products. During my time at Cirrus, I attained the status of LabVIEW Champion in 2017, and then passed the Center of Excellence audit in 2018. I've given numerous presentations at the CLA Summits and distributed my toolkits for use.

Most recently I've joined DMC as a project engineering and LabVIEW Consultant.

In parallel, I've started GCentral, a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the LabVIEW Community's engineering capability by removing barriers to collaboration.

I believe LabVIEW is critical to focussing an engineer's talents on solving problems while minimizing time in learning the tools. LabVIEW lets us do engineering better than any tool I found.

Nancy Henson

Nancy has worked with LabVIEW teams and in the Test and Measurement industry, particularly at NI, and within the NI ecosystem for over 25 years. Through many different roles, such as sales, field architect, customer proficiency, and global services, Nancy has focused on customer success and growing strong software development teams. Nancy has been a top-rated instructor, conference speaker, and community leader throughout her career. Additionally, Nancy helped spearhead the famous CLA summit and helped create and shape the NI Test Center of Excellence program. Nancy’s most recent role was NI’s Head of Developer Relations. After leaving NI in December of 2023, Nancy was reinstated as a LabVIEW Champion. She was initially invited into the program in 2008. Additionally, outside of professional roles, Nancy speaks and conducts workshops on enabling left-brain thinkers to cultivate their human creativity and develop a philosophy around tech, and AI in particular, to help grow their business.

Eric Reffett

Eric Reffett has worked at NI for 23 years in multiple roles including Applications Engineering, Software Development, Software Marketing, Engineering Management and Software Planning. In his current role as a Software Planner, Eric is responsible for the product roadmap for LabVIEW. Eric has met with hundreds of NI's customers during his career at NI and he uses their feedback to improve the products NI creates. Before NI, Eric worked at Motorola developing satellite communication systems for worldwide radio systems.

Eric holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and an MBA and MIS degree from Washington University. He enjoys playing games with his kids, planning his next Disney vacation, and learning to play the Ukulele from his wife.

Jesper Kjaer Soerensen
GIE Committee Lead

Jesper Kjær Sørensen is a Systems Engineer and Product Owner at GPower. He is a LabVIEW and Teststand Developer and is proficient in Python. He has been programming in LabVIEW since 2006, in Python since approximately 2012, and TestStand since 2018. His passion lies in creating SOLID code and applying SOLID programming principles, driving him to continuously enhance his skills.

Residing in Denmark on a farm with his wife and daughter, Jesper enjoys spending his leisure time on cow photography and embarking on scouting trips with his daughter as a means to unwind from the digital world.

Emeritus Board Members

How to Become a Member of the Board

Do you want to get involved with GCentral as a member of the Board of Directors? Please email us and let us know. Please give you name and contact information and some details of your involvement with the G Community.