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Community Badges

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Community Badges:

Digital badges are most commonly known for showing achievements for particular skills like the Certified LabVIEW Architect or the Certified TestStand Architect issued by NI and these certifications are all well and good. But what about all the other opportunities to celebrate an achievement within the community? GCentral has partnered with Credly to grab this opportunity to provide badges for the community. At GCentral, we would like to honor those who contribute to the LabVIEW community. The list of available community badges can be seen here. The recipients share their most valuable resource, spare time, to make the community what it is today. Some of these contributions relate to all the community-driven conferences, which are the lifeblood of the community. Others contribute with the tooling for LabVIEW, and last but not least the organizers of the competitions within the community.

Honouring Conferences

All the community-driven conferences have one thing in common. They all require a ton of work from both the conference organizers and the conference presenters before the doors open for the attendees. These roles can be difficult to show to a future employer when looking for the next big thing in your career. We greatly appreciate the conference organizers and presenters, who provide the canvas to fill with the presenter’s knowledge and ensure community networking by arranging get-togethers during the conference. GCentral will make it more visible by issuing yearly badges to both roles.

Honouring Tool Contributors

No Programming community without tooling from the tooling contributors and developers. The providers work through the off hours to deliver solid solutions to speed up development time and quality in the community. These projects grow in size as the number of users becomes larger. At GCentral, we would like to promote the top contributors.

Honouring Competitions and Winners In the LabVIEW community, there are multiple competitions and GCentral would like to honor the winners with badges. There are multiple options for the competition and participation badges can also be sponsored if funding can be found. See becomming a badge sponsor below.

Funding the badges

There is a monetary cost to the badges. GCentral is seeking sponsors to fund the badges for the community. Here are some of the ways to support the community with more badges

Become a badge sponsor

As a company, it is possible to sponsor GCentral and decide that the funding goes to the issuing of badges to the community. Your company name would appear discretely on the badge logo and the web page would be prominently featured in the badge description.

Buy Custom Training badges

If you are running your training courses and would like to issue a badge to your course attendees, we can set up a badge issued by GCentral through Credly, on behalf of your company. We manage the administration regarding the badges so you don’t have to. Come talk to us about pricing.