While not specifically contributing to GCentral, please consider sharing your package with the community through your choice of package manager. Part of GCentral's mission is to help you to build and share your packages as easily as possible. While the tools we envision are not in place yet please see the following resources on how to package your tools and share them:

Getting Started With VI Package Manager

In this video, you'll learn how to make your first VI Package.

Learn about and contribute to the NI Tools Network of VI Packages her

Using NI Package Manager (NIPM)

Using G Package Manager (GPM)

Visit the GPackage Wiki home to learn about installing and using G Package Manager

Package Manager Comparison

What Tools are Needed?

Package LabVIEW code exists in three disconnected ecosystem defined by the three package managers. The reasons for the three package managers are rooted in history and business decisions. Nonetheless, a community member attempting to find and use code is faced with the irritation of understanding the package managers' individual characteristics (see the Package Manager Comparison above) as well as what code is contained in which package type. GCentral's hope is to help solve the "tri-ecosystem" problem by creating

  1. Tools to help automate package building and publishing in all three package types; this way all the great code is available in all package types
  2. A community repository to host the packages
  3. The community judges quality through rating authors and packages.
  4. An easily searchable system to find published packages (which is where we chose to start)
  5. Help and tutorials to teach the community how to collaborate (i.e. use source code control, fork and merge repositories, etc.)