Help Build GCentral

The GCentral Indexer is the back-end implementation and front end presentation of VI Packages, NI Packages, and G Packages in various repositories, inducing GCentral's own repositories. The indexer is displayed in and represents the "Find / Discover" portion of the mission.

GCentral's goal is to empower the community to build GCentral into the tool it needs. Therefore we are open-sourcing as much of the indexer and website as possible so you can lend your passion and expertise to the cause. Without your efforts GCentral simply will not happen.

Some links where to begin collaborating:

  1. The instructions to get started developing parts of the Indexer is on our Wiki in GitHub.
  2. The list of requests, ideas, and issues is kept in GitHub.
  3. If you get stuck on any of the instructions, want post your questions, or discuss possible features, see GCentral's discussion thread on LAVA.

Thank you for giving your time and passion!