Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the success of GCentral by defining its vision and mission.

Quentin Alldredge


Enrique Noe Arias

Christian Butcher

Chris Cilino

Founder, President, Treasurer

Eric Reffett

Jesper Kjaer Soerensen 

Learn about GCentral from the CLA Summit 2019 - Austin presentation 

In this hour long video, GCentral's leadership presents its vision: a LabVIEW community making the best version of itself through collaboration. 

Presentation Outline

0:00 - 3:00         Introduction and problem statement

3:00 - 5:00         GCentral's Vision, Mission, and Organization

5:00 - 6:30         Quentin Alldredge shares his passion to grow the LabVIEW Community.

6:30 - 7:30         Fabiola De La Cueva shares her passion to see LabVIEW everywhere. 

8:00 - 11:00      Jeff Kodosky shares about his involvement with and enthusiasm for GCentral.

11:00 - 12:00   GCentral's volunteers are introduced.

13:00 - 25:00   Phase 1: Enable the G Community to Find and Discover reuse code

26:00 - 35:00   Phase 2: Enable the G Community to Contribute reuse code

35:00 - 41:30   Phase 3: Enable the G Community to Co-Develop reuse code

41:30 - 45:00   Funding Plan

45:00 - 46:00   Call To Action

46:00 - 55:00   Q&A

Steering Committee

The steering committee is a volunteer group of advisers to the Officers and Board of Directors. It is assembled jointly by the Board and Officers, and composed of leaders in the LabVIEW community.

Michael Aivaliotis

Brian Hoover

Jeff Kodosky

Jon McBee

Brian Powell

Michal Radziwon

Derek Trepanier

Contact Us

For any questions or comments please contact us at info@gcentral.org. You can also take part in the discussions happening on the GCentral LavaG Area.